Getting back to the business of living: Amway's Sara Gonzalez shows us the humanity of technology

Even within one of the world's largest and most prolific corporations, the stars of innovation can still shine brightly. Here in West Michigan, Sara Gonzalez is illuminating new systems within the interconnected galaxies of design and technology at Amway.
Gonzalez has designed her own career and the reach of user experience and interconnectivity within Amway's Global Digital Services department at its headquarters in Ada. While Amway has long been known as a leader in manufactured products for the nutrition, beauty and home care markets, Gonzalez’s­ work is bringing the needs of the individual to the forefront of product design. It signals more than just a different brand from the company. It's a move toward a more useful future, and a world in which that usefulness is defined by enriching the lives of others.
According to Amway's Business Innovation Specialist Alicia Roth, Gonzalez is not only noted for an unceasing desire to learn, grow and experiment with new directions, but an uncanny grasp of both human understanding and technology. Roth, who started with Amway in 2010, has worked with Gonzalez since meeting her on an introduction tour. She says Gonzalez has launched from human relations intern, through talent acquisition and digital marketing, to the vanguard of innovation and connected experiences at Amway, from a student of human centered design to an advocate, to a leader.