UIX: With an eye on changing the world by acting locally, ServeGR makes volunteering easy

Generosity is a resource. 

It's just as important to the livelihood of nonprofits as a strategic plan or a targeted social need. And it can be cultivated in ways that reach beyond donation drives, organized in willing ranks of volunteers across the strata of West Michigan. 

ServeGR, a new hub for volunteer efforts in the region, helps centralize opportunities for those looking to give. And where nonprofits may have previously been hampered by a lack of volunteers with the right schedule or skill set, the ease of ServeGR's use makes screening for essential talent much simpler. 

Heather CollettoUnder the leadership of director Heather Colletto, a handful of nonprofit organizations have already signed on to promote their workforce needs. It's a new approach to matching donations of talent and time to community organizations that need it most, and it couldn't have come at a more crucial time.