Dog Whose Former Family Snubbed Her At Shelter Is Catching Every Eye On The Internet

Could Zuzu be any more depressed?

After her father died, this German Shepherd was left in a deep state of mourning for some time. Too long for her human companions, in fact.

Perhaps in a fit of grief, the dog escaped her yard, and while she was shortly picked up by a Los Angeles Shelter, her previous owners were unable to deal with their forlorn pet any longer, and left the dog there to languish.

Now a resident of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control Downey, where animal rescue workers have named the dog Zuzu, this hopeful pup is waiting to meet her next forever family.

Zuzu’s former owners actually visited the shelter where their former friend was staying. The sight of the humans she had known for most of her life brought excitement to her eyes and a wagging tail. But they weren’t there to retrieve their og, and instead inquired about adopting another.