When competition and innovation mix, everyone wins.

I just started blogging for Rapid Growth Media's Urban Innovation Exchange section, which I edit. I'm trying to focus on data science and the connections behind the stories that make it to our front page. For the first topic, I chose business competition. There are more than several in the area, and a lot of people and companies previously featured in UIX have taken part ion them.

Experimenting a little with Mindly on iOS, and some free apps like Mind42 and MindMeister--a lot of mind stuff. None of them really grabbed me, considering how easy it is to draw the same thing on basic Photoshop. 

I settled with this map from draw.io, which could certainly use some polishing. It illustrates this small network that we can build on, though, which is all I really wanted.


Here's the full post at Rapid Growth Media's Innovation News section: http://www.rapidgrowthmedia.com/innovationnews/020416UIX-Blog-Competition.aspx

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