What's hot? Mapping trends and #AppleEvent with Google

What's more popular than relevant content? If you took the time to answer anything at all, you've already lost 98 percent of your potential reach. Give up.

There's no excuse to not know absolutely everything about today's most popular content and any other keyword you may be interested in. The Rel-Co 5000 provides you with all the #relevant headlines, realtime #trending topics, and other information you can exploit for clicks.

You've never #trended so hard.

You've never #trended so hard.

We can watch the Rel-Co 5000 in action without even entering a single keyword. On the second tab of the Rel-Co 5000, you'll find a trending topic aggregator, bringing you the top ideas from segments around the world. Today's top scorer on Twitter was #AppleEvent, of course. Tomorrow it could be something else. I don't know what it will be, but the Rel-Co 5000 will figure it out as soon as the iPhone 7 loses its shimmer.

By taking that phrase, "#AppleEvent," plugging it into a tweet scraper I'm running on Google Sheets with some advanced search magic, and then literally mapping it out, we can see how far Tim Cook's voice actually travels.

That's quite a reach. And now you have all those opinions at your fingertips.

Be Smart. Be Lazy.

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