Memory Of Beloved Dog Is Bouncing Adoption Awareness Much Further Than Expected

Ever since Chris Sontag-Ratty first picked his precocious puppy dog out of a litter in 2002, she was everything to him. And when his Everything passed in 2014, she left a large hole only the companionship of a canine could fill.

Sontag-Ratty took some time to mourn his best friend, and devised a plan that would memorialize her properly. Two years after Everything’s death, he bought a lot of tennis balls and intended to leave them at their favorite beach spot.

“Some of our favorite things to do together was walking on the beach, down by the bay or ocean,” the Hayward, California, man told ABC News. “I was going to go to our favorite beach just north of Pigeon Point lighthouse and leave some balls with a note but it has been very rainy here in California recently and the balls and note would have gotten wet, or maybe even not be found due to people avoiding the beach on rainy days.”