‘We didn’t know anything about it’: Gas Bomb Planted By Wildlife Officials Leads to Tragedy

A 14-year-old boy was seriously injured and his dog killed on March 16 when the boy picked up a “cyanide bomb” U.S. predator control agents had planted near a hiking trail, intended to thin coyote populations near Pocatello, Idaho.

According to Reuters, Canyon Mansfield was playing near his West Buckskin Road home with his Labrador retriever, Casey, when he grabbed what he thought was a sprinkler head. The device was rigged to spray the area with cyanide gas, and exploded when the boy pulled on it.

“I see this little pipe that looked like a sprinkler sticking out of the ground,” Canyon told East Idaho News. “I go over and touch it. Then it makes a pop sound and it spews orange gas everywhere.”