UIX: With donated wheelchairs, Alternatives in Motion brings mobility to Grand Rapids

Mobility is freedom, and freedom is hard to take for granted once it's taken from you.

Humans of any socioeconomic level can be robbed of movement and access by disability. And the equipment required to resume a life unassisted, without insurance, can be financially restrictive. Even the most unadorned aids, like walkers and wheelchairs, can be priced out of reach for those who need to find replacement equipment more often than insurance companies are willing to cover. 

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services estimates that there are at least 2.2 million adults with disabilities living in the state, with that number projected to increase to nearly 2.4 million in 2030.

For those fortunate enough to live in West Michigan, Alternatives in Motion can restore freedom where it's been restricted. Led by executive director Coleen Davis, AIM provides wheelchairs, mobility equipment, and repair services to those in the community who couldn't otherwise afford it. The equipment and services are provided at no cost to the individual in need.