Nearly 50 Dachshunds Escape Euthanization, Now Seek Homes in Florida

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that a bunch of dachshunds are suddenly looking for homes in our nation’s most aptly shaped state, but any extra attention they can attract lends hope to the idea of adopting them out.

Florida’s Alaqua Animal Refuge and the Save Underdogs team have been working diligently to find new homes for the dogs ever since they were rescued from their previous owner, now sick, disabled, and unable to care for the pups in his home.

Rescue workers from Panama City were racing against the clock as soon as they heard about the dogs. After being taken from their home in Arkansas, they were transferred to a local shelter that was likely to begin euthanizing the dogs after 48 hours.

“They were going to be taken to a local shelter that wasn’t a no-kill shelter so, within a day, the reason it was so urgent for us to get them within this 24-48 hour time period was because they were going to be euthanized,” Alaqua Animal Refuge Communications Director Mary Chris Murry told NBC 2.