Next To 19 Bags Of Dead Dogs On A West Texas Farm: A Glimmer Of Hope

No attempt at explaining the details of this story can possibly convey the nightmare Deidra Lewis discovered on a West Texas farm earlier in April. But the fact remains that 19 bags of dead dog carcasses were found strewn about the property, along with bleached bones and other animal parts.

Lewis, who runs the West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff shelter, received a tip from someone who first recognized dog bones at Pleasant Farms, according to News West 9. All together, 21 dogs were found dead.

“You thought you’ve seen the worse only to drive up on a dead animal dumping ground with carcasses all around you, a random paw scattered here or there. And you think to yourself, ‘what type of society do we live in?’” she posted to Facebook.

The Ector County sheriff’s office was notified, but it is unknown what results any investigation will bring, as Lewis said dumping dead dogs is not uncommon in the county.