Patrick Stewart Is In Love With This Pit Bull But Can’t Take Her Home Due To BSL

Sir Patrick Stewart has boldly gone where no man has gone before. He’s honed the skills of the world’s most elite mutants into humanity’s greatest defense. He’s haunted Elsinore, hunted the white whale, heated the Cold War, and sparked up a giddy friendship with Gandalf that the world can’t get enough of.

At 76 years old, Stewart holds multiple Laurence Olivier awards, a Grammy, and even a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for a role in a Mel Gibson film most people have already forgotten about. He’s that good; even his bad days are applauded.

He’s advocated for and helped bring support to organizations like Amnesty International, BeatBullying, Dignity in Dying, and Precious Paws.

It seems there’s little the modern world wouldn’t want to let this in-between-jobs starship captain have full creative control of, so long as it’s captured on video. All except one thing. And perhaps the greatest of all.

Despite all his love and compassionate intention, Stewart is prohibited from adopting Ginger, the pit bull he’s been fostering in the United States, due to breed-specific legislation.