Pack Of Málaga Motorcyclists Finds Trapped Fox And Immediately Takes Action

The southern Spanish city of Málaga is known for its beautiful coastline, ancient Arab citadels, and natural beauty. While tourists and trendsetters make their way in and out of the cultural center of the town, just outside the urban landscape, in the hilly wilderness that surrounds the port city, foxes, wolves and other animals run free.

Unfortunately, for those animals that cannot retreat into the protective boundaries of El Torcal Natural Park, Reservatauro Ronda, or the Río Guadalhorce Nature Reserve (just 3 of Málaga’s over 130 naturally protected areas), hunters also take interest in the hills. One such hunter, after leaving a trap set near a dirt road, caught and likely injured a wild fox.

Motorcyclists touring the Málaga countryside stopped to rescue the fox when they passed by, and they posted a video of the rescue to Facebook.