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Let's Learn Something

You can be happy with the way you are, or you can learn something new. Whether it's an online class, helpful infographics, or links to other valuable resources, mattsiboto (@mattsiboto1) is here to help you improve yourself.

This personal learning assistant pulls information from news and social media through a constantly adapting algorithmic deep learning system. On the first day mattsiboto was launched, a few odd celebrity tweets slipped through, but that just helped tighten the definition and function of an actual learning opportunity. Are you interested in a webinar on using Snapchat to increase your business' followers? OK. Are you interested in how Mario Lopez' mother uses Snapchat? Maybe not. The criteria mattsiboto is after gets more efficient and more helpful every day. It's set up to post 6 times a day but it actually determines the most optimal spacing of those 6 posts on its own. It does it all in silence, and sends the good stuff to you.

This particular bot is an experiment in aggregating learning opportunities in as many ways as possible and is scalable to any niche or focus represented on the internet. If you want to learn something, mattsiboto can help. 

Think smart. Be lazy.

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